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By Kevin McGill, Carlyle McCullough

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ISBN: 1478179163
EAN: 9781478179160
ASIN: 1478179163
Publisher: CreateSpace autonomous Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2012-07-03
Number of Pages: 238
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

Synopsis from Amazon:

In this subsequent installment of Nikolas and corporate, Nick and neighbors locate themselves on a trip to the paranormal moon, Mon, and the nice urban of Huron. known as via the voice of Huron to forestall the Merfolk's development of evil, Nick's first job is to alert the town council of Huron. looking forward to his task to be a simple one, he fast reveals himself stopped by way of the depraved sheriff of Huron, Cyrus Gorringe. in the meantime, Yeri eventually supplies Lir, the merman's message to Nikolas, yet is his activity complete?

GoodReads writer Information:

Author Name: Kevin McGill

Author Description: Kevin McGill is the mad author of the Nikolas & corporation sequence the place the Moon is far greater than we expect, mermen stroll on automaton legs, and 14-year-old boys consult towns of their heads.

He's additionally the writer who introduced his booklet into area ->

When no longer spinning Lunar yarns, Kevin hosts a weekly books podcast men Can learn together with his collage blood brother and co-host, Luke Navarro. locate Kevin's weblog and Twitter @kevinonpaper

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