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From the pyramids and the Parthenon to the Sydney Opera residence and the Bilbao Guggenheim, this ebook takes readers on an eye-opening journey of the math at the back of a number of the world's such a lot awesome structures. fantastically illustrated, the ebook explores the milestones in hassle-free arithmetic that liven up the certainty of those structures and combines this with an in-depth examine their aesthetics, background, and constitution. even if utilizing trigonometry and vectors to provide an explanation for why Gothic arches are structurally stronger to Roman arches, or exhibiting how basic ruler and compass buildings can produce refined architectural information, Alexander Hahn describes the issues at which undemanding arithmetic and structure intersect.

Beginning in prehistoric occasions, Hahn proceeds to lead readers throughout the Greek, Roman, Islamic, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and smooth kinds. He explores the original positive aspects of the Pantheon, the Hagia Sophia, the nice Mosque of Cordoba, the Duomo in Florence, Palladio's villas, and Saint Peter's Basilica, in addition to the U.S. Capitol development. Hahn celebrates the kinds and constructions of structure made attainable by means of mathematical achievements from Greek geometry, the Hindu-Arabic quantity procedure, - and 3-dimensional coordinate geometry, and calculus. alongside the best way, Hahn introduces groundbreaking architects, together with Brunelleschi, Alberti, da Vinci, Bramante, Michelangelo, della Porta, Wren, Gaudí, Saarinen, Utzon, and Gehry.

Rich intimately, this publication takes readers on an excursion worldwide, supplying a deeper realizing of the mathematical forces at play within the world's so much dependent buildings.

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