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By Eric Nylund

The Spartan-II software has long past public. stories of super-soldiers heading off millions of Covenant assaults became the stuff of legend.
But simply what percentage Spartans are left?

While the grasp leader defends a besieged Earth, and the myriad factions of the Covenant proceed their campaign to put off humanity, an ultrasecret phone of the workplace of Naval Intelligence referred to as “Section Three” devises a plan to shop for the UNSC important time. They’re going to want hundreds and hundreds of keen infantrymen, even though . . . and yet another Spartan to get the activity done.

The planet Onyx is nearly deserted and the right position to set this new plan in movement. but if the grasp leader destroys Halo, whatever is prompted deep inside Onyx: old Forerunner expertise stirs, and fleets of UNSC and Covenant race to say it to alter the process the Human-Covenant War.

But this reawakened and historical strength could have plans of its personal . . .

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It used to be tricky to inform, however it regarded virtually as though one made a hand sign, thumb urgent into palm and different hands inwardly curled. That used to be the Spartan sign for “Unknown forward. Wait. ” She’d take an opportunity. in the event that they have been human and donning the newest UNSC armor, they need to be nonhostiles. She eased one hand out from disguise. She flashed her index finger as soon as, after which back, after which the “come ahead” gesture. there has been extra rustling round her—flanking devices. after all, nobody used to be going to shut throughout open terrain. Even friendlies. nonetheless, Kelly’s strive against education clicked on. She needed to reposition, yet that may suggest leaving Dr. Halsey weak. one of many unknown was once close to; she couldn’t listen it…just a tickling at the back of her brain, a 6th experience that informed her she was once being watched, and no matter what was once doing the observing was once now too shut for convenience. there has been movement in Kelly’s peripheral imaginative and prescient, a blur. She spun and observed a ghostly determine, relocating towards her—faster than any human may stream. Kelly sidestepped, grabbed the arm, twisted. Her opponent reverse-twisted and countered the lock. no matter what it was once, it wasn’t human; differently Kelly might have ripped its human arm from the socket. Her opponent twisted her wrist and escaped from Kelly’s grip. Kelly was once nonetheless faster—her different hand lashed out, palm flat, and impacted the sun plexus. the opposite determine flew again meters, hit a tree, and slumped. “Stand down, Spartan! ” Kelly whirled. She famous the voice—not Mendez’s yet one other voice from the past…one that couldn’t be. That individual used to be lifeless. earlier than her stood a determine wavering as though a mirage, then the energetic camouflage pale, and anyone in what appeared like cut-down MJOLNIR armor was once there, one hand protecting an MA5K rifle pointed on the flooring, the opposite held up. “No time to give an explanation for, Kelly,” this guy stated over the COM. “Move! Hostiles in—” An explosion tore in the course of the jungle. bankruptcy NINETEEN 1045 HOURS, NOVEMBER three, 2552 (MILITARY CALENDAR) \ ZETA DORADUS method, PLANET ONYX \ close to limited sector referred to as sector sixty seven Kelly ducked and positioned herself among the blast and Dr. Halsey. Splinters and stones pelted the power protect of her MJOLNIR armor. whilst the airborne dirt and dust cleared, the opposite person—the person who had sounded impossibly like Kurt—had vanished. So used to be the soldier she had knocked out. Her questions must wait, simply because Kelly observed the resource of that explosion: a drone just like those they'd noticeable in area now hovered ten meters off the jungle flooring, relocating like a moray eel in the course of the timber and vines. She aimed her MA5B and fired. A burst of 3 rounds hit and deflected off a gold shimmer of shields. It grew to become towards Kelly, and its vital sphere heated. Kelly sprinted to attract the fireplace clear of Dr. Halsey. 5 strides, darting among timber, and he or she all of sudden stopped, spun—jumped. A flash of sunshine blinded her, after which the area detonated the place she had stood a moment ahead of. The overpressure propelled her into the air. Kelly’s shields tired to part, and he or she felt the warmth prick her dermis.

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