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In this new research of paintings in fin-de-siècle Hamburg, Carolyn Kay examines the profession of the city's artwork gallery director, Alfred Lichtwark, one in every of Imperial Germany's such a lot influential museum administrators and a well known cultural critic. A champion of recent artwork, Lichtwark stirred controversy one of the city's bourgeoisie via commissioning modern German work for the Kunsthalle via secession artists and aiding the formation of an autonomous artwork flow in Hamburg motivated by means of French impressionism. Drawing on an intensive volume of archival examine, and mixing either historic and artwork ancient ways, Kay examines Lichtwark's cultural politics, their influence at the Hamburg bourgeoisie, and the following alterations to the cultural scene in Hamburg.

Kay focuses her research on glossy paintings scandals in Hamburg and indicates that Lichtwark confronted robust public resistance within the Eighteen Nineties, successful major help from the city's bourgeoisie in basic terms after 1900. Lichtwark's fight to realize popularity for impressionism highlights conflicts in the city's center category as to what constituted applicable types and topics of German artwork, with competition teams difficult a conventional and 'pure' German tradition. the writer additionally considers who in the Hamburg bourgeoisie supported Lichtwark, and why. Kay's neighborhood research of the controversy over cultural modernism in Imperial Germany makes an important contribution either to the learn of modernism and to the background of German culture.

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